Equine/Agricultural Fencing

West Wales Fencing specialises in fencing construction for equestrian facilities, ranging from horse paddocks to maneges and all associated gates and fittings.

Our Agricultural fencing teams are second to none at erecting strained wire fencing, post and rail and all types of gates.

Agricultural farm fencing is one of the major costs when operating an agricultural property or farm livestock business. Agricultural farm fences can be used for stock proofing, sub-division and setting boundaries for cattle, sheep, pigs and goats.

Below is a list of some of the most common types of agricultural fencing we use in Pembrokeshire and South West Wales.

Post and Rail
Stock Fencing
Woven Wire Fence
Barbed Wire Fence
Mesh Wire Fencing
High Tensile Wire Fencing

The type of Agricultural fence constructed along with the shape of the paddocks greatly effects the total cost per metre of fencing. In addition, the shape of the paddocks affects the amount of materials needed and labor required for construction.

Everytime the stock fence changes direction ( some times elevation ) straining posts and strain wire will be required. Please take this into consideration when planning your paddock or field livestock fencing.

Fencing allows farmers and stockman to contain all types of animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. Choosing the type of Agricultural fence depends on the type of livestock and personal choise.

Most types of Agricultural fences can be used with cattle but sheep would require woven wire fencing.

When planning your stock fence please consider:

•    What type of livestock are to be contained?
•    Consider future or multi animal use?
•    What are the ground area conditions?
•    Consider what you are keeping out?

This will determine size of the posts, post centers, use of barbed wire and number of rows, type of stock netting to be used.

Cattle Fencing / Livestock Fencing
Post and Rail refers to any fencing comprised of solid timber rails.Advantages to using post and rail style fences are good visibilty through the fence and the robust traditional design doubles as an attractive barrier that works well along most curves. Additional wire mesh can be used to make the fence livestock proof.

Wooden post and rails can be square cut or round. Rails are mostly half round or square profile.

West Wales Fencing can repair your old fence or add additional fencing to an already existing fence lince.

Barbed wire / Stainless Barb Wire
Barbed wire for agricultural fencing is typically available in two varieties—”soft” or mild-steel wire and “high tensile”. Both types are galvanised for long life. High-tensile wire is made with thinner but higher-strength steel. Its greater strength make fences longer-lasting because cattle cannot stretch and loosen it. It copes with the expansions and contractions caused by heat and animal pressure by stretching and relaxing within wider elastic limits. It also supports longer spans, but because of its “springy” nature it is hard to handle and somewhat dangerous for inexperienced fencers. Soft wire is much easier to work but is less durable and only suitable for short spans. Used also for security fencing.


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